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Medical Insurance Cover

Medical Insurance Cover

Individuals, families, groups – small & large. We help you find and design a health plan that balances the coverage you want at the right price for you!

Medical Insurance Cover in Kenya - Annex Insurance kenya

Compare all the best plans here! Group, individual or family plans from many different insurance companies to provide you better choices, the lowest premiums and one-on-one local service. Our benefit specialists are experienced agents that will help you understand, compare, and select the best plans for your needs and budget.

Any plan you buy should pay for these services

-Emergency services


-Laboratory tests

-Maternity and newborn care

-Mental health and substance-abuse treatment

-Outpatient care (doctors and other services you receive outside of a hospital)

-Pediatric services, including dental and vision care.

-Prescription drugs

-Preventive services (such as immunizations and mammograms) and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes

-Rehabilitation services

You may contact us for an appointment to discuss your medical insurance options and quotes.