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Motor Insurance

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Car Insurance Covers In Kenya

Motor Insurance 

One of the compulsory insurances according to the laws of Kenya is Motor Insurance covering liability to third parties.

In today’s world we would not think of transportation or movement of people and/or goods without at least considering motor vehicles. They have been in use for centuries now and continue to be used increasingly.

Covers are available for the following categories of vehicles:

Motor Private

Motor Commercial (including general cartage, motor special types etc)


Scope of cover:

For each category above, three types of covers are available

1) Third Party Only (TPO)

This is the basic and minimum cover available. It provides indemnity for liability to third parties only in respect of bodily injury and damage to property. It is the mandatory cover that a motorist should have.

2) Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T)

In addition to the TPO cover above, this cover extends to cover the Insured’s vehicle against the risks of fire and theft.

3) Comprehensive

The scope of cover is wider and comprises of:

Loss or damage following accidental collision or overturning of the vehicle; fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning, theft and malicious acts

Cost of protection and removal to repairers following damage

Liability to third parties involving death or bodily injury and or damage to property

Litigation expenses incurred with the written consent of the Company

The main general Policy exclusions include:

Use of vehicle by an unauthorised person or a person without a valid driving licence

Use of  vehicle for carriage of passengers for hire and reward

Political Risks


Any loss falling within the Policy Excess